Characteristics to Look For in a Compatible Room Mate

Having a room mate nyc can be a beautiful thing in life. It’s a chance to have company around if you aren’t married or have family living with you, and at the least, it’s an opportunity to have someone split the bills with you, likely cutting your rent and utilities in half. Still, finding a roommate online the right one is pertinent to successfully living with them, so look for these five characteristics in a potentially compatible roommate:

1) The same gender: This one is a matter of personal preference, and there are many cases where people of two different genders live together just fine. However, for most, the differences in how the two genders often live can create friction and awkward situations. Safety can also be another matter.

2) Similar lifestyle hours: If you’re someone who has to be up at the crack of dawn, you might not get along with someone that goes to bed at that time. Identical working hours don’t have to happen, but it helps. Of course, if they stay out all night, it might not matter.

3) Not too many friends come over: Of course, you’ll want them to feel at home and have people over, but if the foot traffic is too much for you, you’ll get uncomfortable.

4) Quiet: Your home or apartment shouldn’t feel like a library, but any music playing or video gaming should be done at volumes that can’t be heard in another bedroom, keeping people awake.

5) Credit score: You might not be able to run their credit score, but some background checking is a good idea, especially on their income and ability to pay rent for the time they plan on living with you so you know they can handle their half of the bills.