The History Of US And Thailand Relations Is A Long One

phuket-1432876_640The history of United States and Thailand relations is actually quite a long one. This might come as a slight shock to some people, as Thailand is often known for sex tourism and political oppression, things not commonly found in nations with longstanding good relations with America.

However, given Thailand’s geographic location between the world’s largest democracy of India and near the military buildup and naval expansion of China, in addition to its growing popularity as a tourist destination, having strong diplomatic relations with Thailand is in the best interest of the United States.

Surprisingly, bilateral relations between the republic of the United States of America and the kingdom of Thailand trace all the way back to the year 1818, when the United States was still a relatively new nation finding its place on the global stage. For nearly two full centuries, the two countries have enjoyed many years of diplomatic partnership and at some times actual alliance.

At the time, Thailand was known as Siam. The country received a visit from a captain of an American ship. He had on his person a letter directly from James Monroe, who was president of the United States at the time.

It was from this encounter that Thailand not only wound up having a formal and full diplomatic relationship with the United States, but was actually the first Asian nation to do so!

Relations were maintained throughout that century, with noted gifts given by American officials, such as Andrew Johnson during his Presidency. Relations have been closer since World War II, with a number of treaties reaffirming economic ties and the ability of businesses in both countries to participate in the markets of the other. Following nearby Japan and China, America is Thailand’s largest trading partner in the world.

The Importance of Learning About Gun Safety

Besides being fun devices for recreational activities such as hunting, guns should be considered very dangerous. Before you operate a gun, you should always follow the cardinal rules religiously. Here is what you need to know about handling a firearm safely.

•    Point the muzzle in a safe direction at all times. That way, if there is accidental or intentional discharge, nobody will be harmed. When determining the safest direction, you should take into consideration, humans and animals to avoid any accidents. When you’re carrying the gun, you should control the muzzle angle and direction, especially when traveling or walking. That way, there are no accidents when you stumble.

•    You should always assume that the gun is loaded before picking it up. On the other hand, even when you know the gun is unloaded, you should triple check it thoroughly before pointing it at people, to make sure that it’s completely unloaded.

•    Your finger should always be off the trigger. That way, you can prevent accidental discharges when the trigger is pulled. If you’re using a pistol, you can rest your finger above the trigger, the index point. If you’re using guns or rifles, remove your hand from the trigger area entirely. Don’t rely heavily on the safety mechanism on the gun because it can always fail resulting in an accidental discharge. For the guns without safety mechanisms, an inexperienced user shouldn’t be trusted with them. You should only place your finger on the trigger once you have aimed at the target and actually intend to shoot.

•    When shooting, you should be entirely sure of your target and everything that might be downrange. Note that, some bullets might go through the target and everything behind. Keep in mind that bullets can strike the target, bounce, ricochet and change direction. Therefore, you should have an eye on everything surrounding the target.

•    When handing the firearm to someone else, it should be completely unloaded. Check the chamber and the magazine to make sure of this. If someone hands you a firearm, you should also confirm that it’s completely unloaded.

•    Make sure you’re using the proper ammunition for your gun. Using the wrong ammunition can damage and destroy your gun as well as cause serious harm or death to the gun holder or other individuals around.

•    When shooting a gun, you should have the right eye and ear protection. It might not be necessary for a person handling small caliber guns, but it is highly recommended. The sound might not cause any pain but it might damage your hearing. For the large caliber guns, you should always have ear protection, especially if you’re using the guns for an extended period of time.

•    Finally, if the gun doesn’t fire when you pull the trigger, you should be very cautious. Try a second time and if it doesn’t work, you should check the magazine carefully and remove the round from the chamber. The dud cartridge should be placed in a safe place especially if it detonates later on its own.

Thailand’s History Of Prostitution

jasica-j-1232511_640Prostitution is not actually legal in Thailand, but the sex industry is one of the biggest economic drivers in the country. There are red light districts in several large metropolitan areas including Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. The industry brings in millions in foreign investment and taking a walk through any of the red light districts is an eye-opening experience. There are hundreds of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese women who are engaged in selling their bodies. Their clients are typically foreign males who are older and searching for a fun time.

Prostitution in Thailand starts in the early 1900s. During this time, Thailand abolished slavery and suddenly many women were homeless and without any means of support. These women were forced to sell their bodies to survive. Soon thereafter, wars broke out and there was an increased demand for prostitutes, resulting in an explosion in brothels and women who worked in the sex industry.

Soldiers were frequent customers and their continued presence in Thailand sustained the sex market and helped it grow. The country has a long legacy of prostitution which is deeply rooted in history. The Thai sex industry has expanded as foreign investments and tourism grow in the region.

While many of the women engaged in the sex industry in Thailand are there voluntarily, there is an increasing number who are victims of sex trafficking. These women are often recruited from other countries and then sent to Thailand to make money for their bosses or owners. Many are tribal women, immigrants, or children and have no legal status. This makes them especially vulnerable to exploitation. They are really a type of slave who must sell their bodies to pay off their debts.

Beaches For Days

I have been to 5 out of 10 of these beaches. My favorite is Patong Beach. Based on where you are staying will determine what beach that you will go to.